Blockchain Companies: 10 Top Companies 2019

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At times you must be wondering which blockchain technology companies to work? There are quite a few out there which might make it difficult for you to choose. But don’t worry; here we have a list of the topmost blockchain companies. It is built up based on the portfolio, cost, development capabilities, experience and team working behind the scene. The blockchain industry is developing every day; it is quite dynamic. However, the process of finding the ideal organization that can transform your idea is a bit difficult. We have come up with the best 10 blockchain companies in 2019

Blockchangers – Blockchain Companies

Blockchangers is one of the blockchain companies that have made their presence evident in the IT industry. It is due to the way they help their clients. In addition to understanding, they leverage the capability of blockchain technology. However, the company masters in providing workshops, consultation, lectures and development services.


Chromaway delivers smart contracts solutions for finance industries and real estate They are known for developing customized blockchain solutions and services. In other words, it helps businesses in creating a long-lasting impact in today’s world.

Blockchain Companies: 10 Top Companies 2019

Blockchain Companies: 10 Top Companies 2019


It is a US-based company that allows enterprises and organizations in adopting new features of blockchain technologies. However, Altos provide clients through the offer of the right consultation. Also, provide  software development services with a great quality.



Primechain is a startup company amidst the blockchain companies. They have an expert team that high-scale knowledge and experience in terms of building reliable solutions based on blockchain. It works with industries such as aviation, banking, military, defense etc.

Blockchain Companies- Accubits

Accubits has turned out to be the most prominent of the best  technological companies from the USA. They have been consistent in delivering blockchain services such as smart contract development, blockchain maintenance, cryptocurrency wallet development etc.

4ire Labs – Blockchain Companies

It is one of the best technological companies that is consistent towards delivering sturdy mobile and web applications. They help various businesses to achieve their targets in a time span.

Blockchain Companies: 10 Top Companies 2019

Blockchain Companies: 10 Top Companies 2019


JatApp is another one of the leading blockchain companies that help the clients increase their market growth, ROI and research. Moreover, JatApp works efficiently in building professional mobile applications. It helps the clients in accomplishing the business goals.

Software Mill- Customer Preferred

It is the prompt blockchain technology based company. It consists of skilled team members. They cater the needs of the business clients within targeted budget. They use the latest technology stacks to deliver quality solutions to the client. It is a Poland-based company

Aeries Blockchain Corporation

It is also a US-based  company whose global team is dispersed across Asia and Europe to provide several industries with advence solutions. Their company provide solutions that build distributed ledger to various technologies . These include Corda, Stellar, Quorum etc.


This company founded in 2009 but early 2017 they became a part of the crypto industry. However, having a few years of experience leads to the adaptation to this companies. It is one of the  companies that develop complex  projects. They help various sectors such as gaming, fintech and e-commerce.


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