Blockchain Technology: Some Unknown Facts

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Blockchain Technology is one of the most discussed topics of recent times. But to understand BlockChain Technology, we need to understand what BlockChain is? There are much data that needs to recorded independently. For this task, BlockChain is there and also it is an encrypted and distributed database for recording data. In another way, it is a digital ledger of the contracts and transactions.

Some Facts Regarding Blockchain Technology:

  • It is accessible across all the several computers and also it is not bound to be kept in a single place.
  • This technology underpins the bitcoin transaction with the well-known digital currency.
  • A person can interact and make transactions directly without any third party interference across the internet.
  • The best part about this technology is, it will not share your personal information and creates the record by encrypting the identifying information.

How To Use Blockchain Technology?

A blockchain technology is that gives them authority to cryptocurrency. It’s a medium of exchange like the dollar or can say other currency.  But it’s digital and it uses encoding a message. This technique is used to control the formation of financial units.  And it also helps in funds transfer verification.


In the case of cryptocurrency, we use blockchain to record the transaction.  The Ethereum network and bitcoin network both are based on blockchain in  Cryptocurrencies. In simple words, you can say blockchain enables the wideness of cryptocurrency, along with other things as well. It’s a means of replacing like the dollar but is in digital form.

Smart contracts

The next in the list is smart contracts. These sorts of contracts are lines of code. And the blockchain store these codes. The Blockchain-based smart contracts are mainly those contacts that can fully execute with any other interaction. Automatic escrow is the main object of smart contacts. And it’s said that the smart contracts which based on blockchain would optimize the use and also reduce the danger.

Financial Services

The blockchain technology in financial services helps the industry optimize business processes. But It’s all done by sharing data more securely, efficiently, and also in a transparent manner. Mostly all the financial services are interested in this because the blockchain in financial services has the potential to speed up the back-office system. Few financial services providers have opened their research labs for blockchain technology in financial services. It’s all done to lessen costs and add to the effectiveness.

Video Games Blockchain Technology

The use of blockchain in video games provides some advantages to gamers. In Video games, the blockchain used to verify the total assets that can use. It also helps in keeping transparency. In 2017 a blockchain technology game Crypto Kitties launched. It illustrates the scalability issues for games. All the blockchain assets are open for all the developers so that they can integrate into their own game.

Supply chain Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology is a cap for the supply chain system. There are also many industries that are working on employ blockchains because they want it. The industries are making use of blockchain in supply chain management and also in logistics.

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