‘Go to jail:’ Community roasts Celsius-themed Monopoly board game

‘Go to jail:’ Community roasts Celsius-themed Monopoly board game

The Celsiusopoly board game is priced at $99, with the U.S.-based e-commerce company offering free shipping to U.S. residents.

The crypto community is having a field day mocking a new Celsius-themed Monopoly board game named “Celsiusopoly,” which has emerged on a United States-based online e-commerce marketplace. 

The announcement of the Celsius-themed board game came from the marketplace’s head of sales and partnerships, Stephanie Martin, who said the planning and production of the Monopoly spin-off came on the back of “months and months” of hard work.

According to the marketplace’s website, the Celsiusopoly board game is selling for $99.00, and some sales have reportedly already been made.

However, the ill-timed release of the board game has seen the crypto community relentlessly mocking the crypto-lender-themed product, with one Twitter user questioning:

The Celsiusopoly board game has the Celsius logo centered in the middle of the board, with a “Do good. Then do well” slogan beneath, which appears to be in reference to a January 2021 tweet from Alex Mashinsky, the founder and CEO of the Celsius network.

In addition to the Celsius-themed game board, box, and play money, the game also features themed rewards and interest, property, customer care, compliance, loan and development cards, along with an instruction manual and a die. 

Images of the purported board game do not appear to include any branding from Hasbro Gaming, suggesting the game may not be an official Monopoly board game. 

Celsius is a cryptocurrency lending platform that officially went into bankruptcy on Jul. 13, following a long-term liquidity crisis and series of halting withdrawals from customers.

The cryptocurrency lending platform recently filed to reopen withdrawals for a minority of customers, with a motion for $50 million worth of the total $225 million held in the Custody Program and Withhold Accounts set to be released to owners.

While shipping of the new Celsius-themed Monopoly board game is free for U.S.-based residents, there aren’t any returns available for unsatisfied customers.

A Cointelegraph journalist’s attempt at purchasing the board game on the marketplace appears to go through, suggesting this could be a real product that people can purchase. 

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