Grassroots initiatives are bringing Bitcoin education to communities across America

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Grassroots initiatives are bringing Bitcoin education to communities across America

Members of America’s crypto community aim to teach financial literacy by discussing Bitcoin at local meetups and neighborhood “corner classes.”

Bitcoin is becoming one of the biggest buzzwords in the world. Data from a July 2021 survey conducted by analysis firm Exploding Topics found that roughly 1,700 American adults, or 89% of participants, had heard of Bitcoin. A recent survey from the cryptocurrency platform Paxful also found that 95% of women out of 1,555 females polled in the United States were familiar with Bitcoin. 

While Bitcoin’s (BTC) presence is notable, there still seems to be a lack of understanding regarding BTC and cryptocurrency. For instance, Paxful’s survey discovered that 43% of women polled in the United States want to learn more about Bitcoin, even though 95% of these individuals know that BTC exists. In addition, underprivileged communities and minorities have expressed interest in learning about Bitcoin and crypto as digital assets gain popularity.

Bitcoin in low-income American communities

In order to bring crypto education to those who need it the most, grassroots initiatives are launching throughout the U.S. that target disenfranchised communities.

For example, Najah Roberts, CEO of Crypto Blockchain Plug — a Black-owned crypto education center based in Inglewood, California — told Cointelegraph that she will soon be traveling to 41 cities across the U.S. to help disenfranchised communities understand Bitcoin’s importance:

Stephen further told Cointelegraph, “I’ve always communicated with people on social media, but when I joined GoodDollar’s ambassador program, I was able to bring more people into crypto because they supported my initiative financially and with words of encouragement.”

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