Indian prime minister Modi’s hacked Twitter account attempts BTC scam

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Indian prime minister Modi's hacked Twitter account attempts BTC scam

Soon after Modi’s Twitter account, with over 73.4 million followers, got hacked, attackers shared misleading information about the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and a 500 BTC giveaway.

The official Twitter account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi got compromised earlier today, which was then used to share misleading information about the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) and redistribution of 500 BTC among the Indian citizens. 

On Friday, Modi said in a virtual summit hosted by United States President Joe Biden that technologies such as cryptocurrencies should be used to empower democracy and not undermine it:

While the hack happened at midnight in India (around 4:00 pm EST), Twitter user Priya was among the many crypto enthusiasts that took notice of the untimely tweet that read:

As Cointelegraph reported, hackers were able to breach Modi’s Twitter account back in Sept. 2020. Under the pseudo name John Wick, the hackers shared several tweets asking the prime minister’s followers to “donate generously to PM National Relief Fund for Covid-19.”

The launch of India’s crypto bill sparked new concerns around the ban of private cryptocurrencies. While the meaning of “private” has yet to be interpreted in the parliamentary meeting, the lack of information sparked panic among investors.

Clearing out the speculations around the crypto bill discussions, former Finance Secretary Subhash Garg, who was also the creator of the bill, dismissed the notion of banning “private cryptocurrencies” as a misinterpretation. In an interview with News 18, Garg said:

“[The description of the crypto bill] was perhaps a mistake. It is misleading to say that private cryptocurrencies will be banned and to intimate the government about the same.”

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