Latest & Breaking News About Cryptocurrency

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The buzzing news about Cryptocurrency states that COVID 19 has impacted almost all sectors and amidst that Cryptocurrency is picking up the pace across the globe. More investors are now trading over digital currencies that are taking the market to progressive heights. This is helping the world deal with some aspects of the economic crisis. The latest news says that most payment gateway companies are also implementing digital currency integrations to increase the volume of cryptocurrency transactions. The exchange between the Government based currencies and Cryptocurrency is also being proposed that might take place.

Similarly, many more news and stories are trending over the internet today associated with Cryptocurrency’s efficacy. In this article, you will get a brief insight into different trending news about Cryptocurrency.

Latest & Breaking News about Cryptocurrency
Latest & Breaking News about Cryptocurrency

Prediction of Price Hike and Explanation of Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that changed the pace of the world that knew only the use of denominated currencies. As per the latest news about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is now undergoing a technological shift that is termed as Bitcoin Halving. This will change the entire creation aspect of Bitcoin and will also globally impact the cryptocurrency market. With this unique design, Bitcoin production will be limited to a particular count. It means that there will be no more than 21 million bitcoins circulating in the market. No quantitative easing can adversely affect this.

As the name suggests, Halving will eventually break the cycle of Bitcoin production into half. This will eventually result in the deterioration of generating bitcoin through mining by 50 percent than it usually did.


Every four years, Halving takes place when the mined bitcoins cross the count of 210,000. With the implementation of Halving, the bitcoin mining rewards will reduce from 12.5 to 6.25 per block. There is no government acting behind this ideology as the built-in coding program under the blockchain does it, and this program existed since the time of its creation back in 2008.

Bitcoin was probably the antidote to the global financial crisis that incorporated back in the year 2007-2008. Halving intends to control the price inflation situation around the globe. Halving in the past has given the taste of sharp price hikes in the value as the miners as well as traders rigorously adjust themselves to the new limitations of Bitcoin.

Latest & Breaking News about Cryptocurrency
Latest & Breaking News about Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is Stated as Effective Alternative at The Times of Inflation

While the world will struggle to come out of the crisis, the industries that are currently down might experience permanent closure.

To beat these situations, Government is printing additional money to boost some parts of the economy to let the facilities run. The Government’s quantitative easing will be a serious issue of inflation on the global economy. The prices of assets will go up devastatingly that will eventually reduce the purchasing power of the consumers. For this, Cryptocurrency is considerably one of the best assets that are safe. It gives consideration to deal with rising prices as the adverse impact of inflation.


With the growing demands of Cryptocurrency, the governments of different countries are proposing several measures to use it to revive the economy post-pandemic.

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