Water great idea! Bitcoin mining heats this swimming pool

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Water great idea! Bitcoin mining heats this swimming pool

A Bitcoin miner is heating his entire swimming pool so his kids can swim—all while securing the Bitcoin network and making money.

Water great idea! Bitcoin mining heats this swimming pool

A Bitcoiner has “pooled” off another mining innovation. The “waste” heat generated by mining Bitcoin (BTC) is used to warm his swimming pool. 

Bitcoin enthusiast Jonathan Yuan had kids who “love swimming, but the year before [he started using waste heat], they barely ever did it because it was always too cold for them.” Fortunately, he was interested in Bitcoin mining and understood that Bitcoin mining emits a lot of heat. 

Yuan told Cointelegraph that he purchased a “heat exchanger and setup some ASICs,”  (application-specific integrated circuits), and subsequently managed to keep “the pool above 90F all summer.”

The process works by immersion, which simultaneously cools the ASICs while “reclaiming that waste heat and putting it to practical applications such as heating living/working spaces, pools, or anything that could benefit from up to 60C/140F of heat.”

The immersed ASICs underneath the swimming pool. Source: Bitcointv

However, “when the China ban happened” and the difficulty adjustment dropped, Yuan made a tricky decision. Do I mine less Bitcoin or turn the swimming pool into a bathtub?

Yuan recommends anyone with a pool to do the same, as it’s the “perfect use case scenario” for waste heat. Now that his home mining setup has gone swimmingly, Yuan is building a pool-specific tank that will be rated to run pool water directly through the heat exchanger.

ASICs now heat Yuan’s home, and he has turned a passion project into a profession. His Bitcoin mining company, CoinHeated, is “dedicated to turning Bitcoin miner waste heat into productive heat.”

The plan now is to bring pool heating projects to other homes, and he’s in conversation with “manufacturers of heat exchangers that will be able to make something that won’t corrode with the chemically treated pool water.”

In the meantime, the kids are able to enjoy his home swimming pool, warmed courtesy of proof-of-work. 

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