What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is now accepted widely. You can use it now to buy products or services for almost everything. So, what can you actually buy with your bitcoin now? Here are some of them.


Buy your bikini and hit the beach this summer using your bitcoin. You can now use your bitcoin for your next travel adventure!

If you thinking about getting airline tickets, hotel accommodations, or car rentals, Expedia is one of the many travel agencies that now accepts bitcoin as payment for all your bookings. There are plenty of other travel agencies that accept bitcoin as a method of payment these days, feel free to look for one.

Online Shopping

You can also use your bitcoin to shop online. While Amazon is still not accepting bitcoin as a method payment for your purchases in this retail website, one of its rivals, the Overstock, does accept cryptocurrency. With your bitcoin, you can purchase a lot of good and products on Overstock such as appliances, furniture, clothes, etc. Overstock is as good as Amazon and the best thing about it is that you can use your bitcoin to purchase anything you want from them.


Contrary to what most people think about tech companies readily accepting cryptocurrency, most of them actually don’t accept bitcoin as a method of payment right now.

Microsoft first started the trend among tech companies that accept bitcoin for online game and app purchases offered on their Xbox and Windows online stores.

Newegg, a popular online retail website that sells PC, software, hardware, and tech equipment for cryptocurrency mining also accept bitcoin. Whether you’re looking for a mining motherboard or graphics card, you can all get them on Newegg using your bitcoin.


While retailers have their own doubts about the value of cryptocurrency, some organizations like charities, for instance, are more than willing to accept bitcoin.

The number of no-profit organizations and charities who readily accept bitcoin is increasing every day. So, if you like to do some good or help a good cause, you can always use your bitcoin to support your chosen charity or non-profit organization.

Online Services

Online services that accept cryptocurrency is a real mixed bag. Most web-based businesses are now accepting bitcoin as payment for their online services. There are also web services that you can access to using your bitcoin. You can now even create your own business website using your bitcoin.


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