ZED RUN founder envisions user narrative-driven Metaverse

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ZED RUN founder envisions user narrative-driven Metaverse

The creators behind ZED RUN launched their first Metaverse title on Monday, featuring fully-customizable user avatars and a 3D world built using the Unreal Engine.

Chris Laurent, the founder of the popular-digital horse racing game ZED RUN, envisions a future where people will spend their free time developing their own unique narratives within the Metaverse. 

This virtual world will contain a mix of gaming, entertainment and social experiences underneath an overarching storyline, he believes:

When asked whether the vision companies such as Meta and Microsoft have laid out for the Metaverse, such as virtual-reality powered work meetings or entire businesses run out of the virtual world, will come true, Laurent said he believes anything is possible at this stage:

“In regards to the experimentation, some of these bigger entities are making, obviously, they’re doing it for a reason and we can’t ignore that, so our theory is that weird stuff is going to happen in the space.”

The launch of Human Park on Monday has been accompanied by the drop of its first themed release. Season Zero, a retro-cyberpunk world, will come with limited-edition-themed nonfungible token (NFT) drops. The game is free-to-access, with optional gameplay modes that can be accessed by user-owned NFT avatars and wearables.

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